BCI-Business Continuity Institute


                                      The Business Continuity Institute (BCI)                                              

The BCI is the  global membership and certifying organization for business continuity professionals. It offers a wide range of resources for business professionals concerned with raising levels of resilience within their organization or considering a career in business continuity.  With over 8,000 membersin more than 100
countries worldwide, working in in an   estimated 3,000 organizations in private, public and third sectors,
the BCI truly is the world’s leading institute for business continuity.
The BCI stands for excellence in the business continuity profession and its Statutory grades provide unequivocal assurance of technical and professional competency.
The BCI Corporate Partnership, through corporate membership, offers organizations the opportunity to work with the BCI to promote best practice in business continuity and to raise their corporate profile in the global BC arena.  The BCI Corporate Partnership currently has approximately 100 Partners worldwide.

The BCI seeks to promote and facilitate the adoption of good business continuity practice worldwide by:

  • Raising standards in business continuity
  • Undertaking industry research
  • Driving thought leadership in business continuity
  • Facilitating the sharing of best practice in business continuity
  • Training and certifying professionals
  • Raising the value of the profession

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